Inventory of skills

Inventory of skills

You know there is a huge
Computerized inventory
Which people update every year
A skills inventory

But all the lists
In the world don’t
Amount to much

What matters is a bunch of guys
In a room deciding who
Should get ahead, and who
Should not

In such a chance-filled world
The great catastrophe
Is wrong place, wrong time

Above all one must learn to
Streamline oneself shamelessly
Wear all the right masks
Learn the vocabularies of discourse
Get to know the right people
Cultivate the subtleties
Of self-promotion

Then sit tight and wait for things
To happen, and hold
Your long knife tightly

We’re not concerned about old Joe
But we are concerned how his
Will reflect on us

What we do when someone fails
Is to put him in a little boat,
Tow him out to sea
And cut the rope.

An important skill:
portray yourself as being decisive.